Genius : 3D Parallel Device Simulator

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If your TCAD simulations are taking too long and you wish to improve your productivity, there is finally an option in the market. We are proud to present Genius, the next-generation 3D parallel device simulator. Genius provides unprecedented capability and performance with leading parallel computing technologies. Genius is the commercial TCAD device simulator that scaled beyond the 10-transistor barrier. With Genius, one is able to routinely simulate circuit cells like inverter, 6T SRAM, latch and flip-flop, and expect 10 fold reduction in simulation run times.

Unlike many TCAD products in the market, the Genius Device Simulator is a completely new design. Parallelism, scalability and extensibility were considered in its design goals at a very early stage. Furthermore, Genius has been constructed using newer numerical simulation techniques and software development tools.

With parallel computation, Genius enables you to reduce simulation time by 10 times or more. At the same time, you may simulate larger device structures, or small circuit blocks containing several devices with Genius, which was very difficult, if not impossible with other simulators.

Simulation time of the 3D CMOS inverter example and parallel speed-up.

Main features

  • Drift-diffusion model;
  • Lattice heating model;
  • Energy balance model;
  • DC, AC and transient simulation modes;
  • Circuit/Device mixed simulation;
  • Material library with 30 material types;
  • A wide range of mobility models;
  • Impact ionization model;
  • Band-to-band tunneling model;
  • Carrier trapping at defects;
  • Hall effect;
  • 3D Ray-tracing optics;
  • 2D FEM Optics;
  • 3D TID model;
  • device model generation from GDSII mask layout;
  • data format conversion from other major TCAD tools.

An Example: A 6-T SRAM

Modeling and Mesh

Result (Potential distribution at a certain moment)