Video Tutorial of Visual TCAD

In this tutorial, you will learn

  • to build the structure of a P-N junction diode in the following steps:
    • Draw the outline of the device
    • Define material regions
    • Place doping profiles
    • Generate the mesh grid
  • to simulate the I-V curve of the diode, and analyze the result in the following steps:
    • Load the device structure
    • Setup the voltage sources attached to each electrode
    • Submit the simulation job
    • Plot the simulated I-V curve
    • Visualize the electron concentration in the device
    • Plot the electron concentration along a cut-line
  • to do device-circuit mixed-mode simulation in the following steps:
    • Assign a circuit symbol to the device
    • Map the device electrodes to the circuit-level terminals
    • Draw the circuit schematics, and place a device model in the circuit
    • Submit the simulation job, and plot the simulated voltage waveform