GSeat/VisualParticle: High-Energy Particles in Semiconductor Devices

Product Manual | Video Demo

GSeat is an Monte Carlo simulator for studying high-energy particles passing through semiconductor devices, and is part of the SEE solution of Cogenda.

GSeat is a specially-tailored application based on Geant4 code, a widely-used simulator in high-energy physics, space, radiation and medical applications. Physics models and databases relevant to single-event effects are packaged in GSeat.

GSeat is designed to interface with Cogenda's Genius semiconductor device simulator and Gds2Mesh 3D model builder. These three tools forms the foundation of the SEE analysis package of Cogenda. The outputs of GSeat are particle trajectories and energy deposit along the trajectories, which is the cause of carrier generation in following Genius TCAD simulation.

The geometry modeling of GSeat is in GDML format, which is defined by Geant4. GDML file can be generated from GDSII and process rules file, using Gds2Mesh.


VisualParticle is the graphical user interface for GSeat. User can setup the incident particle and tune the simulation parameters in the GUI, and explore the simulated particle trajectory visually.